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Most frequent asked questions and answers
  •  An estimator will arrive within 24hrs of an estimate request.
  • All quotes are completed within 1-2 business days and will be emailed or delivered to customers.
  • Home Keepers operates in Halifax, Nova Scotia and services throughout Halifax Regional Municipality.
  • We offer all payment methods including cash, cheque, E-transfer and credit cards.
  • Our monthly maintenance packages range in price according to the size, services and needs of your property.
  • Aeration should be done in the Spring and Fall during growth periods.
  • Maintaining and keeping a lawn healthy requires both knowledge and experience. Our skilled team ensures your lawn is as healthy as possible.
  • How often a lawn is mowed depends on the grass growth and desired height of the lawn. We only cut our lawns ⅓ of their length to keep the lawn healthy. We recommend that a lawn is mowed every week or two weeks depending on the growth during that specific time.
  • The reasoning behind a lawn not growing depends on several factors. These include lack of sun, improper or no watering, poor soil, lack of nutrition, or diseases. This is why we recommend having one of our specialists come and give a free diagnostic on your lawn so we can come up with a solution designed for your lawn.
  • Home Keepers was founded in May of 2020, although we are a new company we have 12 years of combined knowledge in the industry.
  • We are fully insured and have 5 million dollars in liability insurance.

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